Business Loans

As a business owner, you are faced with hundreds of decisions ranging from employment plans to financing equipment and vehicles. Contact our loan officers about various options available for your situation.

Revolving Lines of Credit
A line of credit can be established as a convenient way to make sure that your business is ready for those seasonal or cyclical production needs particular to your industry. A pre-approved line of credit, arranged for your company by State Bank of Arthur, gives you immediate access to extra working capital at a moment's notice.

Building and Land Loans
We can help you finance the construction of commercial and industrial buildings and land development. When starting a construction project, start by talking to us first!

Beginning Farmers Loans
Start-up plans that provide competent business advice including financial and cash flow analysis to assist in the beginning stages of farming operations.

Farm Livestock and Equipment Loans
Agriculture banking has always been an important part of our business and will continue to be in the future. Available to help you with operating expenses, capital expenditures and the purchase of livestock and equipment.

Farm Building and Land Loans
Whether you're looking to expand or invest, we can offer real estate loans with terms to meet your needs. Contact our agricultural banker to learn more.

Additional Information:

How to Apply for a Business Loan
Before applying for a business loan, you will want to be able to supply your loan officer with certain information. Generally you should be prepared to supply your business plan, recent operating financial statements, previous year-end financial statements and tax returns, a personal financial statement and any relevant information about your future plans and needs.








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